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paramore love →
cause isn't love the movement?
17th-Sep-2008 08:35 pm - "New Song" Recording
hayley: wink kerrang
someone posted it in a comment and I still see people asking so here it is. =) I am so excited

17th-Sep-2008 03:22 pm - pictures?
I'm looking for some good shots of the band members faces for an art project. We are doing monochromatic paintings of famous people. If you guys could help me that would be awesome! Thanks!
17th-Sep-2008 08:40 pm(no subject)
11 icons/02 banners public for 3 days

here @ miracle_style
15th-Sep-2008 05:54 pm - HAYLEY WILLIAMS NEW COMMUNITY!
M&TD: Glasses
A Hayley Nichole Williams new public Community!
you can post all your graphics of Hayley there!

15th-Sep-2008 01:28 pm - New Paramore Graphics Community!
M&TD: Glasses
Hey, i'm well_imnot , i created a new paramore graphics community, join here: well_im_not

My Work:

14th-Sep-2008 02:28 pm(no subject)
movie: rogue one cassian
I joined like 5 seconds ago but I have a request:

Picture of Paramore hugging. Each other, obviously. Just some nice ~cuddling~ I'm making a hugspam and everyone needs cheering up :'D

I'd post to fullsizepmore but everything takes so long e_____e and ljseek is not working for some reason

14th-Sep-2008 02:59 pm(no subject)
M&TD: Glasses

Nuevos icons! y un banner.
New icons! and one banner.

Dee jay radio [22]
Hayley Williams [3]
Hayley & Josh [22]
Rare [49]
The Rocket Summer video [4]


here @ my paramore graphics journal
9th-Sep-2008 05:24 pm - lol i hope this is allowed.
since you all probably know, paramore wrote  a song for the twilight movie. but now the question is, i read about a lot of people having a recording of what is probably the song. would anyone be willing to share that, lol?

idk how to tag this, tbh. sorry =\
8th-Sep-2008 11:05 pm(no subject)
jax teller smoking
[15] Twilight Cast @ VMA Icons
[25] Paramore VMA Icons
[1] Rob&Kris Wallpaper</center>

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
fallen angels at my feet..
9th-Sep-2008 03:42 am - VMA's icons
M&amp;TD: Glasses

here @ my paramore graphics livejournal
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