bones shatter (bonesshatter) wrote in pmorelove,
bones shatter

misery business

okay, this may seem weird.. but i have a question.
in the begining of misery business (the album version, i think) theres the orchestra(sp?) and then theres a pause and hayley says something.
my friend pointed it out a few minutes ago, and i was just wondering what she says.
im sure its not "one, two, three, go!"
does anyone know?
Tags: !question
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i think she says "hit that, hit that snare"...
" hit that, hit that snare "
HIT THAT HIT THAT SNARE!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOo LOLOL i love that part. idek why
hyper much? lololllllllllll
omg its your fault!
omg i didn't know what she said either D: lol
glad to know now :P
tyvm everyone.
my friend kept saying she said "ziggy uh wah" hahahaha. fail.
lkdsjlfdk XDDD nice!
i was convinced it was yeah hit that snare.. lol
but thanks now i know!
oh.. i thought she said *snap-a-snap-snap* but hit that snare makes a great deal of more sense...
she says hit that hit that snare... the only way i found that out was because i played the song on Guitar Hero world tour and i was the singer. So thats how I found out...